Katharina Kölbl


  • 1998 graduation borg st.pölten
  • 2000 degree in dancing, ballettschule papez, st.pölten
  • 2006 diploma biology/ecology, university of vienna
  • 2012 bis 2014 completion of the course in visual education, pädagogischen hochschule niederösterreich
  • since 2017 participation in sculpture seminars by christian koller, http://steinefluesterer.com
  • since 2017 member of kunstprisma lilienfeld, https://kunstprisma.at

Warum Hände

touching hands can become formative experiences. it is fascinating how unconsciously we touch when, how and where – and it is also interesting to use them consciously. touch is important – just as feeling is important. values that are often pushed into the background in today’s superficial, distant society.

in addition to being necessary as a “tool”, hands are also informative, narrative and moving. they are the most important means of communication as soon as verbal communication is missing. depending on the culture, hands are also used as a healing medium or seen as a mirror of one’s own body and personal life.

hands, often detached from their original function and position, often anatomically incorrect, are supposed to tell the invisible through illustrated “hand choreographies” and thus touch the viewer.